Boost your small business SEO With 4 Awesome hacks

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Getting on the front page of search engines can be a daunting exercise for small business owners. Here are 4 Search Engine Optimisation tips to ensure you don’t get drowned in search results by larger companies.

1. Target long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are keywords that don’t have a lot of searches but are relevant for your website. A large number of long tail keywords are more specific than short tail keywords. Examples are: “Blue Sebago loafers” and “Yellow Gucci hat”. Use Google’s keyword planner to find these keywords. Click below to read more about keyword planner.

These are the keywords you should try to rank for first as they are relatively easy to rank for and are specific. When you start to show up for these 100–1000 monthly searches keywords, you can then begin to optimise for short tail keywords — keywords that are more competitive because they have heavy search volume.

2. Optimise for local searches

Google says 4 in 5 consumers conduct local searches. This means you need to optimise your website for location-based searches. Click the article below to read more about optimising for local searches.

3. Write great content

Content forever remains king. This is one sure way to ensuring your site has enough content for search engines to index. You could write buying guides to your products or tips on using products you sell.

The minimum recommended word count is 300 words but if you’re in a saturated industry, you definitely want to start with 2000 word articles. The best practice is to cover a couple of keywords with one article as opposed to writing many articles and optimising them for one keyword each. SEO Research has begun to show that Google is favouring long-form content over short-form content.

4. Get relevant linkbacks

Search engines have always regarded linkbacks as an authority signal on any topic. To get linkbacks to your website, you can send press releases to relevant bloggers(not just every blog please) in your niche or industry as well as bloggers in your location. Another way to get linkbacks is to guest post on industry blogs — sharing your business lessons and experiences as well as tips or tricks for getting certain things done.

These 4 tips should help your small business get ahead and gather more search traffic.

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