4 of the Best Nigerian Landing Pages

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Landing pages are a digital marketing tool for getting page visitors to take a particular action or a couple of actions. Essentially a landing page should be designed to lead visitors to carry out the desired action and do what the site owner wants them to.

A landing page is the page the advertisers post a link to during a campaign. It can be any page on the website​ at all. Some sites have between 5–40 landing pages depending on what campaigns are being run.

In my career as a digital marketer, I have seen a lot of landing pages. These are some of the best Nigerian landing pages that I’ve come across.


Selar’s homepage is so well designed. It’s clear the designers have great taste as you’ll see when you use the product — it’s just seamless.

Selar follows one of the principal rules when designing landing pages. Include the call to action above the fold. The first point of call is the “Start selling” button. The page then gives more information to readers about the services Selar provides. I would prefer if there was another call to action button below this section but this is a very impressive landing page.


Payme is a service that allows users receive money via a unique link. Payme’s above the fold section goes straight to the point by describing the product appropriately.

Right beside(or below on mobile) the copy is the signup box. User’s can enter their bank details and get started immediately. Scrolling down this page includes more information on Payme and what it can be used for. Like Selar, more signup boxes or buttons before the end of page would improve the number of signups.


Thrive is an application for sending money to Nigerian bank accounts. Thrive immediately places the user within the product and asks for the amount to be sent. The copy is also simple and straight to the point. Why should you use Thrive? Because it’s the cheapest way to transfer money. Scrolling down the page reveals more details about Thrive. Thrive’s page would perform better if there was an additional button or form at the bottom of page so the user doesn’t have to scroll to the top but this page guarantees that visitors will attempt to use the service.


Sharphire group(owners of Piggybank) completely understand the effect of a great landing page. You can see this in all their products from Piggybank, Frontdesk and 500Dishes — their landing pages are meticulously designed to achieve one goal — user signups. Piggybank is a service that helps users save money by withdrawing pre-set amounts from their debit cards into an account.

Piggybank is the ultimate landing page and here’s why:

  • Above the fold signup button. Check.
  • FAQs. Check.
  • Product Preview. Check.
  • Testimonials of the service. Check.
  • Multiple call to action buttons. Check.

Piggybank’s homepage has all the information the user needs before signup. What’s best is after every information point, the user is encouraged to signup.

Those are some of the great Nigerian landing pages I’ve seen while surfing the web. Have you noticed any? Please post a link as a response and I will check them out.

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